Now accepting cases for faulty knee replacements 

The attorneys at Burgett & Robbins, LLP are investigating lawsuits on behalf of individuals who were implanted with DePuy Attune® Knee components. Although there is no recall to date, there are a high number of failure rates with the components due to failure of the cement adhering to the tibial base plate implant. Many complaints have emerged over the past year or more from patients who have suffered severe side effects from DePuy knee implant problems, and ultimately knee implant failure after having full knee replacement surgery with the DePuy Synthes Attune® Knee System. Patients are reporting DePuy knee replacement pain and knee implant problems after their Attune knee replacement devices prematurely fail within only a year or less after the initial knee surgery. Reports complain of DePuy knee replacement tibial baseplate loosening which leads to pain, infection, inflammation, and injuries including bone or muscle damage. Physicians have confirmed after revision surgery, a loss of or lack of bonding of the knee component to the bone which leads to failure of the implant, which can often lead permanent injury from additional surgeries or procedures.

If your knee replacement implant has failed and you required a second revision surgery, Burgett & Robbins, LLP would like to help. We’ve been representing the rights of injured victims for more than 30 years, and can help you too. Contact our legal staff today to get the legal representation you deserve—just call (800) 832-6582 or fill out a free initial consultation form at this link.

Symptoms of Knee Replacement Problems
Signs of failure may include the following:

• Limited range of movement
• Shifting of the hardware/ deformity
• Pain
• Infection
• Dislocation
• Warm, inflamed or red skin
• Stiffness
• Instability in the knee
• Fracture
• Loosening of the knee components
• Swelling and/or pain in the knee
• Abnormal sound in the knee implant
• Decreased ability to walk
• Abnormal gait

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